An Evaluation of Drug Testing in the Workplace - Construction Industry (Cornell University)

Risk of Job-Related Injury Among Construction Laborers With a Diagnosis of Substance Abuse



Coming Clean
NATE Tower Times (National Assoc. of Tower Erectors)

April 2010
Discusses different types of drug testing products and different types of drug teseting programs.


Coming Clean
IEC Insights (Independent Electrical Contractors)

May 2009
Discusses the different types of drug testing products and different types of drug testing programs.


Coming Clean
EC&M Electrical Construction and Maintenance

April 2006
Discusses the different types of drug testing products and different types of programs.


Workplace Drug Testing is Cost Effective
Thompson Gale, NY, Greenhaven Press

An analysis of costs associated with workplace drug testing, in particular, lab-based saliva drug testing.


Testing for Drugs
Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine Cover Story

October 2002
A description of various drug testing products, in particular lab-based saliva drug testing.


Havens for Drug Abusers--Don't Compromise Yourself or Your Company's Profits

June 2001
Companies that don't have drug testing programs are havens for drug users. Companies without drug testing programs get their competitors (who have drug testing programs) rejects.


Increase Morale, Revenues and Safety Through Drug Testing
IEC Insights (Independent Electrical Contractors)

May 1999
The benefits of a drug testing program.


Safety vs. Privacy--A look at drug free policies
CEE News

October 1999
An interview regarding the safety offered through drug testing programs.


Inventory Auditing: A Manufacturing Perspective
The Production and Inventory Management Journal

August 1990
Inventory auditing through the eyes of manufacturing.


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Why Drug/Alcohol Test?

You want to stay three steps ahead of your competition by maintaining a safe organization, reducing your Workers' Comp costs and letting your customers know they've hired the best company for the job.

Coming Clean

Implementing an oral or urine drug testing program helps contractors combat the construction industry’s bad rap for employing workers with substance abuse problems

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