Highlights for ALL TYPES of saliva testing are:
  • No known adulterants
  • 5 minutes per test
  • Test up to 10 people at same time
  • DECREASED down time = INCREASED billable hours
  • Give test anywhere, anytime, by anyone with minimal training
  • Easy storage because it is the size of a toothbrush
  • 18-24 month shelf life
  • Web-based results reporting for Intercept
  • FDA cleared (Intercept)
  • Donor is only person to handle test...administrator does not touch test or donor's saliva
  • Complimentary training and certification via Internet

Intercept is an FDA cleared, lab-based oral drug test (screening AND confirmation). It is high quality, low cost, only takes 5 minutes and it is easy on everyone. Can test up to 10 people at the same time, saving even more downtime. Test for 14 drugs of abuse. Legally defensible since it uses Federally Certified labs, MROs, and chain-of-custody paperwork. Intercept is a user-friendly, high-quality, low-cost, low-downtime alternative to urine.

Intercept is a lab-based saliva drug test manufactured in the USA. Our clients enjoy the convenience of an on-site collection along with the security of a SAMHSA certified lab analyze their samples. Intercept samples are easily collected in about 5 minutes. The donor handles his/her own specimen at all times. The collector is merely an observer to issue directions and signs off on the chain of custody paperwork. Intercept is OSHA waived meaning it isn’t considered a biohazard. Employers do not need any special certification to collect samples although we do offer complimentary training and certification.

Specimens are sent to the lab via overnight courier such as FedEx. Approximately 98% of the negative results are available the next day. Samples that screen positive may take an additional day although legally, the MRO has 3 days to connect with your employee.

Results are available via secure electronic website which can be customized to meet your needs.

The Intercept pricing includes: intercept collection device, specimen bag, chain-of-custody form, pre-paid FedEx overnight shipping, lab analysis, results reporting, MRO services, random selection data (additional fee) training materials, complimentary shipping of supplies to your facility.

We also offer expert legal testimony (additional charge) and a “court package” if you are taken to court.

  • Intercept is the ONLY lab-based saliva drug test on the market with more than 20 years of solid results.
  • Also, The only lab-based saliva drug test with the highest level of FDA clearance for the various drugs.
  • And.....After a study of 8 million Intercept tests, Intercept detects more positives than urine.
  • Compared to urine, Intercept detects more positives insuring you a drug-free environment to avoid accidents and decrease your mod ratio
  • Intercept is virtually impossible to cheat
  • The convenience of administering anytime/anywhere
  • Non-invasive collections maintain donor dignity
  • Direct observation eliminates cheating
  • Intercept identifies recent use...within 10 minutes of smoking marijuana. On the other hand, marijuana doesn't get into urine for 4-6 hours after smoking/eating marijuana.
  • SAMHSA certified lab process is the same as urine testing just with lower cut-off levels
  • Fast turnaround time

Intercept is used at many companies, large and small, including the Fortune 100 companies.

Download this document to learn about drugs that Intercept tests for.



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